Signal Number One

I heard from the news just this morning that there is Signal Number One. And my laziness cannot be attributed to the fact that is raining. In fact, I feel more lazy when the weather is hot that you feel that you’re burning already. This day is a day of “progress”. In short, thesis mode is on but due to certain circumstances, it is sometimes power off. I still went to school even if the day’s weather would be described by our neighborhood-friendly weather man as:
No sunlight, just clouds, strong winds that would give you a bad-hair-day impression to other people or they would ask you the infamous question popularized by a shampoo ad, “Mahangin ba sa Labas?”
And yes, the complete anti-bagyo gear would consist of: jacket with hood, heavy-duty umbrella that won’t turn upside down due to strong winds, Chapstick or whatever lip gloss you have (cold weather could give you chappy lips), hair comb to avoid the bad-hair-day look, rain boots especially if you’re area is high tide (so that you would be protected from germs), and a bag that is waterproof so as to protect your necessary belongings.
Remember to be always prepared. Hehe!

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