Shrek 3

And yes, green is cool and the ogre is back! Haha 😀 After the Spider-man 3 era, Shrek 3 occupied three out of the five Greenbelt 3 Cinemas. Of course, I can see something like this coming. It’s surely another blockbuster hit. If you are into 3D animation and character design, you should watch this film. You will be truly inspired to enhance your skills and your creativity as well. Also, if you are into funny movies, you should watch it.

Snow White has a tattoo
You’ll be surely surprised once you’ve seen a tattoo on Snow White’s arms. Instead of having Prince Charming’s name as her tattoo, it was Dopey’s (one of the seven dwarfs) name that I saw there.

Justin Timberlake is the voice behind Arthur
Arthur is the new king of the kingdom of Far Far Away. He was a loser back then.

Donkey and the Dragons
Donkey had dragonkeys (or dongons?) as children with a dragon (duh!). Geneticists should find this part interesting. 😀

Fiona gave birth to three ogres!
Fiona gave birth to three troll-like ogres. Hmmm, sounds like there’s another Shrek movie that will be shown in the future 😀

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