I accompanied my sister at Glorietta so that she could have her shopping done. When we got there, we ate at Big Red Hen which will definitely remind you of Kenny Rogers. The only difference is that Big Red Hen has smaller chicken, and fewer sidekicks (side dish) to choose from. The last time that we ate there, macaroni and cheese was still included in the side kicks. Now, we have to order a Chicken and Pasta value meal which costs around 80 bucks. But wait, there’s more! I was not able to notice at the menu that there was a free iced tea. And there goes my 80 pesos or so.

Then, she suddenly felt uncomfortable with her top which could almost be liken to a turtle necked shirt. The only difference is that it is much shorter. Maybe I should call it a not-so-turtle necked shirt so that you won’t be confused. Then, we hopped from one botique to another so that she could buy a shirt so that she could change to a more comfortable top. While she was fitting and finding shirts that do not call for the Ironing Rescue Team, I was at a magazine stand, looking for some interesting magazines. And my idea of an interesting magazine at that moment was a not-so-geeky-type. The Hardware Magazine or H-inverted M-M caught my attention. I found out that they were selling the first issue and the second issue. I thought of buying the two issues and start a collection.

Afterwards, we went to Cinderella to buy some clothes for our adorable nephews. And we got them Garfield shirts with matching trousers. I don’t know if they like Garfield but I know that they were able to watch it in the moviehouse. I just hope that they won’t be fighting because Justin likes the color of the shirt that Lance is wearing (or vice versa).

After that, we went to Starbucks and had our caffeine fix. There, we decided whether to go to the bazaar at Valle Verde or not since Ella told us that it’s until 11pm. On our way there, Ella texted me if I’d like to buy the Asteeg shirt since there’s only one piece left. I told her that I’m going to buy it and I was even taking a risk because I was not able to ask for the size of that shirt. When we got there, she showed me the shirt and it look’s really nice. Then, my sister bought a couple of shirts and a bag as well.

After roaming around the bazaar for less than an hour, we went home since our father already texted and he was already looking for us. He’s probably worried about the car. Maybe, he was paranoid if the car got new scratches or not.

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