Shifting from iTunes to SongBird

SongBird is an open source media player developed by Mozilla that is mashed up with the web. It’s not just a player. It’s also a platform. SongBird is still in its 0.5 version. Maybe when version 1.0 comes out, I’ll install this. For the mean time, I’d like to share to you some useful add-ons if you’re shifting from iTunes.

QuickTime Playback
This is a must if you’re converting from iTunes, most especially if you have CDs copied to your desktop/laptop via iTunes since it uses the m4a format.

If you love how the iTunes looks, then this should be on your add-on list.

iPod Device Support
This add-on will allow you to play your iPod from SongBird and synchronize it with your SongBird library. This will also allow you to copy songs to your iPod. You still have to check comments in the add-on page and see if there’s an issue with a particular iPod device.

iTunes Library Importer
Import your iTunes library to SongBird. ‘Nuff said. 😀

USB Mass-Storage Device
And if you’re using a USB mass-storage media device (aside from iPod), then this add-on will be useful for you. This does not support Mac Intel though. It only works with Windows machines.

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