SEMCon 2007 Day 2

The last and 2nd day of the Search Engine Marketing Conference 2007 is a blast. The keynote speaker this morning is from Yahoo! South East Asia (MJ Choi, Regional Sales Manager). He presented some case studies with regards to the combination of Display and Search and the combination of offline ads and search. I was impressed by the way they measured the performance for the approaches he mentioned. Anyway, I would have asked MJ about making YPN (Yahoo! Publisher Network) available to the Philippines. Then, Regnard did a presentation on redesigning a website. Well, the presentation was not really about CSS or Photoshop tricks but it would certainly answer the questions when, what and how. Definitely, I was able to relate to Regnard’s presentation since I’m a website designer.

As an internet user, I was able to relate my user experience in Marc Macalua’s presentation on Innovative Landing Page Optimization. There were times that the landing page is a search results landing page which has a negative effect on me since I still have to scroll down to check if what I’m looking for is there. Then, Andrian Lee’s presentation is on The Perfect Checkout. He presented AsiaPay and some other information that is useful for those who would want to venture in e-Commerce.

In the presentation on Web Analytics, I was reminded by my first job. In my first job, I was gathering and analyzing data in a fast moving consumer goods industry. We identified measures for improvement for a particular project that we were working on. You see, every website that is put up has an objective behind it. Thus, the key performance measures should be aligned with the goals of the website. Hence, if you put up a website to generate sales, the performance measure could be the sales generated. In the world of business, statistics are valued and it is a key factor in decision making. And Google Analytics is a neat tool to measure and analyze the performance of one’s website. 🙂

E-mail marketing is not new yet it is interesting to note some statistics from it such as the best day and time to send e-mail marketing campaigns. And yes, analytics play also an important role in knowing if it is a success or not. It is also interesting to note how succeeded in affiliate marketing.

Anyway, Abe Olandres of YugaTech provided some tips and tricks in managing your reputation online. Again, thanks to Google Alerts! 😀 And in case someone posted something negative about you and you have the money, you could use some help from “bury brigade” experts. 😀

JC Medina’s presentation on Driving Conversion with User Generated Content is interesting. IMHO, I guess this works for those who have a niche market. I really do not think that it would work well for a general audience.

Anyway, I was able to take some pictures earlier. I’ll just post them later. 🙂

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