Seems Unusual

I had a job interview this afternoon at Makati. When I got there, I told them that I have a scheduled interview there. They asked me to fill up the application form. After filling up the first page, I saw on the second page:

Automatic wpm:___ Manual wpm:___

I guess it was the generic application form. But in my case, how would I know my words per minute? But I’m sure that I’m fast enough in typing using computers because typewriters are seldom used in the Office workplace anyway. Chatting at Yahoo Messenger and posting at different messageboards have drastically improved my typing. I remembet that my typing style was the old school “Tuldok system”. Now, I can even type without looking all the time at the keyboard.


While waiting, I have met some people who were also applying. I’ve met a schoolmate who took up Marketing and is also graduating this Saturday. I’ve also met a graduate from UP Diliman and a graduate from UP Los Banos who lives in Sun Valley.


In the interview, the HR asked me if I’m willing to work at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Ehem, ehem. I would not have applied in the first place if I am not willing to work there. If the location is not within Luzon area then that’s the time that I would not apply for the job.

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