Scary Movie 4

If you want to just laugh your heart out and get out all the stress in you, just watch Scary Movie 4. I would just like to give you a warning though that this movie has the words slapstick comedy written all over it and the word movie spoofs as well. Before you watch it, I suggest you watch first the movies War of the Worlds, The Village, The Grudge, Shutter, and Saw to fully appreciate the spoofs in this movie. Also, if you’ve seen Tom Cruise jumping over Oprah’s couch on TV, you’ll appreciate the said spoof shown. Other non-horror spoofs in this film are Brokeback Mountain, Million Dollar Baby and some celebrity targets such as Michael Jackson and George W. Bush. There are also a lot of cameos in this film. Some of which are cameos of Charlie Sheen (and made us all wonder why just a cameo role), Shaquille O’Neal, Doctor Phil and Carmen Electra.

The blank face of Anna Farris in this movie is a sure fire hit. And I’d say that she is indeed perfect for the role of Cindy Campbell. Craig Bierko, who portrays the role of Tom Ryan, has shown his talent with his parody of Tom Cruise jumping all over Oprah’s couch. However, I find the Michael Jackson scene a bit of a turn off since it is way below the belt already. And if Michael Jackson saw the film he would definitely curse the people behind it.

Spoof Quality: 3 out of 5
Slapstick comedy: 5 out of 5
Hell of a Plot: 5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

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