Saturday Edition: Fete’s Fate

This year’s Fete de la Musique was doing great for the first few hours of its 10th year stint. However, around 10pm or so, rain started pouring down like cats and dogs. And it’s not just the rain, winds started blowing too which is one of the reasons why the tent of the rock stage went down. The outdoor stages were all canceled. It’s a good thing that there were indoor stages like in Big Kahuna (Electronica Stage), Amoeba (Blues Stage), Via Mare (Reggae Stage), El Botin (Lounge Stage) and Basement (Hiphop stage).

A thorn in the middle of the roses

Rocker chicks daw… LOLZ!

Ang inaantok na at ang aantukin pa lang…. hehe

Ang mga bangag!

Although this year’s Fete suffered this fate, it has been an enjoyable experience for me seeing my high school friends again like Dan, Sheila and Ayi and also some Taft-based friends like Anj, AJ, Chris, Mica, Normz, Anjo, Joy, Ping, Bugie. Let’s also add to that finding out how small the world is and that calls for friendster alert!
I also had made some observations on some people who attended the Fete. I saw Pepe Smith from the balcony of the Cybermall. He was walking in the middle of the black men (I called them such because 95 percent of them are in black shirts) and they were making fun of him. Some were being sarcastic by asking for his autograph and one of the guys kissed him at the cheeks and the legendary Pepe Smith still kept his cool. Barbie of BC was also in the area where Pepe Smith was made fun of. She was having a “photo session” with some of the black men that were obviously drooling over Barbie.

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