San Miguel’s Pre-Valentine’s Party

Pre-valentine party hosted by San Miguel

Last week, San Miguel hosted a pre-Valentine’s party and the best thing of course is that you don’t have to pay tickets to get in. 😀 The party was held for two days (Feb. 12 and Feb. 13). We were able to attend the Friday-the-13th party. There were performances by Mocha Girls, Soapdish, Kamikazee and others.

Event Highlights

Two of the Mocha Girls kissed on-stage

Mocha and Hershey kissing

This happened when they were doing a lap dance for the three men that they got from the audience. It was my first time to see them perform. At least they know how to sing and dance. 😀

Kamikazee rocked the event

Kamikazee at SMC Pre-Valentine Party - 8

Aside from Kamikazee entertaining us with their music, Jay Contreras (vocalist of Kamikazee) cracked jokes in between performances. And Jay Contreras was so generous, he gave bottles of San Miguel Light beers to the audience. Sha was one of those who received a beer from Jay. 😀

“Tsupa Tsupa” shoutouts to Jay from Sha and Ryan

Since we’re near the stage, Jay heard the “tsupa tsupa” shoutouts. 😀

San Miguel raffled off Eraserheads concert tickets

Congratulations to those who won. 🙂

On a side note, I was able to get a hands-on experience of the Sony Alpha 300 courtesy of Fritz. It was my first time to use a dSLR with a live preview and it is impressive. The camera is actually good for starters, especially those who were using a point-and-shoot camera before. ISO 1600 is okay to use with this but if you’re going to use the ISO 3200, I noticed noise on the images. It will be a challenge to shoot macro photos with this especially if your near the object. Fritz mentioned a work around that, you just stay away from the object and use zoom instead. 🙂

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