Russ Swift: One Really Good Driver

Just last Thursday, I had a chance to watch Russ Swift (Guiness World Record holder) at the Manila International Auto Show that’s currently being held at the World Trade Center. He’s such an awesome precision driver. I can’t think of getting myself to drive to parallel park just the way he did it.

Nice Parking

He managed to park in between two cars in a matter of seconds. Isn’t that great if you can park that fast in Makati (the ones that require you to park in parallel) that fast, go inside a convenience store to buy some stuff and then take your car out from parallel parking in the same amount of time parking it?

If ever some of our fellow countrymen could get to do this kind of trick, Film directors and producers would want to hire him so that they can do a rip-off of Italian Job and make tons of money out of his talent.

Russ Swift's signature move - 2

I wonder when will Eat Bulaga start calling out jeepney drivers to do Russ Swift’s signature move using a jeepney (the long one – could fit 10 passengers on each side). How about buses (yes, the one that emits smoke heavily) drifting and doing 360 degree turns like the one in the video? If that will happen, the audience is suggested to wear a gas mask to prevent irritating their eyes and from breathing “fresh air”.

Here are some more videos: (will update this later with videos.. still uploading)

Russ Swift’s parallel parking with audience participation. The guy seemed to be fascinated but scared at the same time. LOL. Who wouldn’t be scared anyway? Hehe. 😀

Russ Swift’s Donut Encore! Azrael was inside the car, seated at the passenger seat. After a couple of 360 degree turns and drifts plus burning and screeching tires, Azrael came out a bit dizzy.

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