Ronna McDonald

Sometimes, you would come across blogs that are interesting and noteworthy with just one click and that is not from the blog of your friend’s friend but from an e-mail. Meet Ronna McDonald, Ronald McDonald’s confidante. Hehe! She’ll be your instant stress reliever after a day’s work. It’s not like that you’re going to get a Happy Meal and take a free toy with you on your way home. It’s more of getting a Happy Meal that will not increase your cholesterol levels but a happy meal that would certainly make you smile.

In one of her entries, which was her entry last year, just right after Halloween, she was in the newspaper and the caption says it all and that is: Laugh ko To: Ronna McDonald. Hehe! And I just love the Ronna McDonald versus Shaider. Too bad I cannot see all the pictures, maybe it’s a bandwidth problem. I would really love to see the picture with a caption of Alex and the Droogs of A Clockwork Orange versus Miss McDonald. It is because that a year ago, I was able to see the picture of Alex and the Droogs at Greenbelt. However, Miss McDonald was not there. I’m just curious if they are the same people. Hehe!

You should check out her blog. It’s all worth it. Plus, you will really know that you’re really a McDonald’s lover if you will correctly identify which branch is she.

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