Rocksteddy’s Patipatotpanabla

Rocksteddy's Patipatotpanabla - front

My album review for Rocksteddy’s Patipatotpanabla is now online at Titik Pilipino. I am currently contributing album reviews for the said website. 🙂

It is quite rare to see AVCD albums released. Some would include an additional video CD with a couple of music videos included. Rocksteddy’s Patipatotpanabla consists of seven tracks of music videos and another six tracks of pure audio. The album is released under Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

The seven music videos included are “Lagi Mo Na Lang Akong Dinidedma”, “Gising Na”, “Magpakailanman”, “Smile at Me” (Close Up commercial jingle), “Superhero” (from Super Inggo), “No Touch” (a Mike Hanopol original), and “Break na Tayo”, Rocksteddy‚Äôs new single. Amongst the music videos included, “Break na Tayo” is the most creatively done. The concept of the music video is simple. It‚Äôs as if they are in some kind of fighting game like Tekken, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. The motion graphics and the animation are brilliant and it has successfully brought the message of the song. The rest of the music videos are cheesy except for “Gising Na”, “Superhero”, and “No Touch”.

The six audio tracks included are “Smile at Me”, “Blue Jeans” (an Apo Hiking Society original), “Superhero”, “Break na Tayo”, “No Touch” and “Non-stop Summer”. Even if two of their 6 audio tracks are covers, they did justice to the songs “Blue Jeans” and “No Touch”. If you‚Äôre into playing guitars, you would surely appreciate the effort that their guitarists have put into both of the songs.

The album is quite commercialized though with the tracks “Smile At Me” and “Non-Stop Summer” where the former have both a music video and audio track on the AVCD.

The best audio track in the album is “Break Na Tayo”. The song deviates from the rest of the audio tracks where two of which are covers, one is part of an OST (Original Soundtrack), and the other two are commercial jingles. “Break na Tayo” has jaw-dropping lead guitar parts. The lyrics are simple and are direct to the point.

Music video collectors should get this AVCD since it contains seven videos. Guitar aficionados should also get this AVCD. They will surely get inspiration from this album.

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