Rocked Philippines’ Gig for Warm Iligan and H2O for CDO

Dong Abay at Undies Gig - 2
Dong Abay

It’s always a pleasure for me to go to gigs organized by Rocked Philippines because we’re not only there for the music, we’re also there to support a cause. It was held at Route 196 (along Katipunan Ave). The highlight for me that night was when Dong Abay performed.

According to Dong Abay, that was the last time that he’ll be performing before going to New Zealand (yes, he’s already there).

Death by Tampon at Undies Gig - 2
Mich of Death by Tampon

Also, I enjoyed Death by Tampon’s performance. I haven’t seen them perform for years! It’s a good thing they they had a reunion gig before Laurie (one of their band members) went back to Singapore.

Check out my other photos of the Sendong relief gig in Flickr.

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