One for the Roadie by RockEd Philippines

Yan and Wendell of Archipelago

RockEd Philippines’ One for the Roadie project is something that’s noteworthy and should be supported. Roadies or the road managers are the ones who are taking care of the bands/artists every time they have gigs. They make the life of a musician a little easier. Because of the lack of health benefits and because of their lifestyle (like sleeping really late), RockEd Philippines thought of this project, which is to provide an emergency health fund for the roadies.

Sha and One for the Roadie donations box

While Archipelago was in the middle of their performance, Sha went around collecting donations from the guests. It was a fulfilling night knowing we did something for the roadies. πŸ™‚

Vin Dancel of Peryodiko -3

After Archipelago, Peryodiko performed. This time, Kakoy was not there since he’s taking care of his son. πŸ˜€ Sessioning with Peryodiko is a guitarist from the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ely at One for The Roadie Gig 17

Then, Pupil performed next. It was during Pupil’s performance that I noticed Ely Buendia wearing his AkoMismo dogtag. πŸ˜€ Prior to Pupil’s performance, we have some remembrance signed by Ely.

Ria at One for the Roadie 1

After Pupil, the Terno Recordings stretch started with Paramita. I haven’t seen the band for a long time. Ria looked thinner from before. Plus, it’s the first time I saw her wearing shorts at a gig. πŸ˜€

Gang Badoy at One for the Roadie

While Up Dharma Down was setting up, Gang Badoy played keyboards while singing. It was my first time to see her play the keys. She even asked someone from the audience to bet if she knows how to play the keys or not. πŸ˜€

Armi at One for the Roadie 2

Finally, Up Dharma Down performed and at last, we saw Armi sporting her new hair-do. She looked fablous that night wearing a dress, red nail polish and red shoes. πŸ˜€ Ean (the drummer) was also not around that night thus, they also have a sessionist to take Ean’s duties.

Radioactive Sago Project at One for the Roadie

Radioactive Sago Project performed next. Gang had a special participation in the RSP’s performance. She played some percussions. They also did a cover of “Ayoko sa Dilim”, one of the hit songs of Francis Magalona.

Jugs with RSP at One for the Roadie

After the Terno Recordings stretch, Itchyworms then performed. Some guys from RSP jammed with them. Also, their roadies gave a special dance number. Of course, Sammy had to be in the middle. πŸ˜€ Too bad Julie was not there. Haha.

Raimund Marasigan of Gaijin 2

Soupstar Entertainment stretch followed with Gaijin. Gaijin is Raims’ new band. Their guitarist/lead vocalist is Jesse Grinter while their drummer is Shinji Tanaka. This time, Raims was playing the bass guitar. It was our first time to see Gaijin perform and it’s already listed in my “bands to watch out for” list.

Aia at One for the Roadie

Then, Imago performed next. I haven’t seen the band in a while. During the last song, Aia took off her guitar and just sang and dance. πŸ˜€

Raymund of Sandwich 3

After Imago, Sandwich performed next. They played “Insomya” and “Alkohol” (Eraserheads’ songs) which does not really surprise me since there are a lot of Eraserheads fans present during that time.

RA and Diego at One for the Roadie 2

Pedicab performed next after Sandwich. They did a remix of their songs. πŸ˜€

It was a fun and tiring night but it was all good since we did something for the roadies. πŸ˜€ The amount to be raised is supposedly 40,000 pesos but the amount was not reached that night. Almost half of the target amount was reached. I guess there were some people who were supposed to go to mag:net BHS but were not because of the rainy weather.

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