Rock the Riles 2009: Justice We Beg

Cambio at Rock the Riles 2009 13
Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan of Cambio

In 8 MRT Stations, various artists/bands have participated in the 5th year of Rock the Riles. And for this year, the theme is “Justice We Beg” where RockEd Philippines clamors for justice for the victims of the victims of Maguindanao Massacre.

Zach and the Action Pact at Rock the Riles 2009 5
Zach Lucero of Zach and the Action Pact

I arrived there late and I was not able to catch the bands that performed before Cambio. It’s still good that I was able to catch Zach and the Action Pact’s performance for the first time. If I’m not mistaken that’s the only time I saw Kris Dancel playing the tambourine.

Gang Badoy at Rock the Riles 2009 1

It was also nice to see Gang Badoy there of RockEd Philippines and to hear her speak again as well. Just like Gang, I hope that there will be justice for the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre.

Names of the Victims of Maguindanao Massacre
Names of the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre

Duster at Rock the Riles 2009 2

Duster also performed. I think it was right before Duster when Rain arrived. Of course, I was expecting Rain to go there because of Duster. 😀

Audience during Imago's set at Rock the Riles 2009

Right before Imago’s set started, the crowd’s favorite at the MRT Shaw Station (Jason), took out his fan-boy paraphernalia. He was actually calling out the name of Aia de Leon (of Imago). Right after Imago’s set, he followed Aia de Leon at the back.

Imago at Rock the Riles 2009 12
Aia de Leon of Imago

Sandwich at Rock the Riles 2009 3
Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich

Sandwich performed right after Imago’s set. We heard some new songs (I guess). The sound of the songs are actually different from what we’re used to hearing from them.

Ernville at Rock the Riles 2009 2

This was also my first time to watch Ernville perform. Ernville is amongst the finalists in Nescafe Soundskool 2007.

South Super Highway at Rock the Riles 2009 1
Shinji Tanaka of SouthSuperHighway

It’s great to see South Super Highway perform again. Please do check out their MySpace. They’re included in my list of promising bands.

Peryodiko at Rock the Riles 2009 1
Vin Dancel of Peryodiko

Peryodiko is just one of my favorite bands. They are composed of talented musicians armed with a great set of songs that you won’t get tired of hearing everyday.

Monsterbot at Rock the Riles 2009

Too bad, Diego Mapa was not there when Monsterbot performed once again.

Paramita at Rock the Riles 2009 1
Ria of Paramita

It has been ages ago since I saw them perform live. It’s nice to see Ria, Alsey and Marco once again. Anyway, it’s the first time I saw Marco throw his guitar up and their tech assistants caught the guitar while Marco was walking towards the “back stage”. I’m sure though that they can’t do it in venues with a low ceiling.

Band Line up at Rock the Riles 2009 MRT Sha

Above is the band line up that performed in Rock the Riles 2009, Shaw MRT Station.

Justice for the victims of Maguindanao Massacre!

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