Rivermaya at Robinsons Metro East

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch Rivermaya at the Robinsons Metro East. Thanks to Paolo for giving me some backstage access and a free Tokyo Tokyo meal as well. The special concert series was held at the Fountain area. Upon the arrival of the band, I have my CD signed which is the Tuloy ng Ligaya album (released on 2001). I was not able to bring my copy of Between the Stars and Waves (released on 2003). I guess my brother borrowed it again.

The area surrounding the stage was jampacked and Rivermaya started around 4:30pm or so. Before Rivermaya started playing, they gave away 3 Special Edition CDs of Liwanag sa Dilim. Afterwards, they started with old Rivermaya hits such as, Elesi, Ulan, Awit ng Kabataan, 214 (although they only played half of the song and proceeded to the next one), Hinahanaphanap Kita. Then they played some songs from the newer albums like, Balisong, Umaaraw, Umuulan, You’ll be Safe Here (you should be familiar with this especially if you’re watching Spirits) and the anthemic Liwanag sa Dilim.

Rico Blanco had an energetic performance. Also, Mike Elgar is the man! He had done it all good on the lead parts. And as for Mark Escueta, he’s indeed one of the drum gods here in the Philippines. If you were able to watch yesterday and was able to catch Awit ng Kabataan, you’ll see why. Japs Sergio is also good.

After the band played, there was an autograph signing session. They were also selling copies of Between the Stars and Waves album and some posters as well. That was the time when me and Paolo had a chance to have our picture taken with Rico Blanco. I was also looking forward to have a picture with Mark Escueta and the other band members as well. However, I should be going home by then.

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