Richard Gutierrez as Captain Barbell

On our way home yesterday from Tito Boy’s Despedida Party and my cousin Tintin’s birthday party, we saw a Captain Barbell teaser mounted on a certain overpass along EDSA. And upon the site of Richard Gutierrez (who plays the role of Captain Barbell) we had a discussion on how fake his abs and muscles are. It’s really exagerrated. I was even thinking that the costume itself has those macho-like contours. I think that they should have asked Mr. Gutierrez to undergo weight training.

Afterwards, we also agreed upon that Richard Gutierrez does not even fit the role of Captain Barbell. Captain Barbell is not supposed to be mestizo-looking. He’s supposed to be more Filipino-looking. Why didn’t the casting director thought about that? Oh well, maybe they’ll be making a film where Darna and Captain Barbell will meet and will have an affair so that they’ll make waves at the box office and churn more money from it with the belief that they have a lot of fans that are very much eager to see them in a movie together.

I hope that they will not turn this crazed idea into a reality. However, I am not denying the aforementioned possibility.

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