Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at Trinoma

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 1

Last week, the day after the Eraserheads Final Set concert, I went to Trinoma to watch Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in their activity center. As expected, there were a lot of people in the mall, it is really rare to have foreign act perform in the mall which means you can actually watch them for free. Anyway, thanks to Jayvee for this opportunity and of course to Trinoma.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 4

By the time the band went on-stage, I noticed that it was only the vocalist (Ronnie Winter) of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was there. The others were sessionists. Anyway, for your information, the other members of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are: Duke Kitchens (guitars, piano), Joey Westwood (bass), and Jon Wilkes (drums).

I’m glad they’ve played “Face Down” (from their EP “Face Down” and from their studio album “Don’t you Fake It”), “False Pretense” (from their album “Don’t you Fake it”). Anyway, most of the songs were played from “Don’t you Fake It” (their first studio album) and some from their current album “Lonely Road”.

Lucky buyers of their new album “Lonely Road” (featuring the singles “You Better Pray”, “Pen and Paper” and “Represent”) were able to have their CDs signed. I was able to have a short meet-and-greet with them. I went to the stage with Marcelle but we were not allowed to have our photos taken with the band with our own digicam. However, they tied up with Photoline to have our photos taken by them and we have to use our stubs to claim the photo print.

Kenna was also there too at the gig and haven’t got to really met her even if I saw her though I was not that sure if it was Kenna. 😀

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