Reasons not to watch the last day of World Pyro Olympics

From the 2005 World Pyro Olympics. United Kingdom’s fireworks display.

One word should sum it up all. Traffic. Traffic leads to fear (fear of not being able to get home for the lack of public transportation). Fear leads to anger (anger caused by the biggest traffic jam ever). Anger leads to hate (and because of the traffic, you’ll hate fireworks that caused the traffic). Hate leads to suffering (and yes we would still suffer no matter what).

The last set of fireworks display by the Philippines did not improve IMO. It is still the same old fireworks display like last WPO. It would be great to see some new stuff there. Perhaps, something like the sun on our Philippine flag with three stars surrounding it. Just like in the last World Pyro Olympics, they’ve showcased the colorful rain effect (or whatever you call it).

From the 2005 World Pyro Olympics. Philippines fireworks display.

I hope they should be more strict on areas where to park and should not park. Two lanes in Roxas Blvd. were occupied by parked vehicles and I believe that this should be restricted. I wonder if the traffic will be managed properly in the upcoming Lovapalooza this February. 😀

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