Rainy Days are Here Again

This morning, I got up at around 8:30. When I looked through the window, I noticed that there is no longer the bright sunlight that I used to see for the past few days. Thus, I have decided to bring my trusty automatic umbrella with me. This umbrella is a must for people on-the-go and for people who does not want to look like bringing a walking stick with them. It’s brand is Fibrella. I forgot how much it is but it’s already with me for 6 months and it’s still in good condition. The catch of this umbrella is that it is automatic when opening it and in closing it. In addition to that, it would fit in your bag… not a pouch bag of course. Hehe.
I took the shuttle at 10am and the sun is nowhere to be found since the clouds are covering it. By the time I arrived Taft Avenue, it is drizzling already (ambonito classification for that matter). After I crossed the street, it stopped.
At 2pm, while waiting to be served at the Accounting Office at our school, heavy rain started pouring down. And yes, the rain is the perfect epitome of the idiom raining cats and dogs.

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