Quest and Rocksteddy at Coke Music Studio Season 2

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 3

Last time, Champ and Kitchie Nadal was featured at Coke Music Studio Season 2 where the songs “Bulong” and “Hanging Habagat” were mashed up together. They are both solo artists and they most likely have the same set of listeners. This time, Coke Music Studio is featuring Quest and Rocksteddy.

Rocksteddy is one of the popular pop/rock bands. As for Quest, it’s the first time I heard of this R&B solo artist. I checked out Quest’s official music video in YouTube and yes, I was surprised that Rocksteddy will be collaborating with him since their music is from two different genres.

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 1

The songs that Rocksteddy and Quest will be mashing up are: “Gising Na” (by Rocksteddy) and “Back to Love” (by Quest). I think the creativity of Rocksteddy and Quest will be pushed really hard since they come from different genres and the languages of the chosen songs are both different. However, I don’t think they will have a hard time working with each other since Teddy and Quest know each other according to this interview: .

About Rocksteddy

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Rocksteddy (formerly known as Acoustic Faith) is an alternative/pop/rock band and was founded in 2003. They have already three studio albums and these are: “Tsubtsatagilidakeyn” (released by Sony Music in 2006), “Patipatopanabla” (released by Sony Music in 2007) and “Ayos lang ako” (released by PolyEast Records in 2008). Rocksteddy is composed of Teddy Corpuz (lead vocals), Jeff Cucullo (drums), Christian Sindico (bass), and Juven Pelingon (guitars). Check out Rocksteddy’s interview at:

About Quest

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 2

Quest is a solo R&B artist also known as Jose Villanueva III. Sam Milby helped in producing Quest’s debut album “Revolution” which features his single “Back to Love”. Quest is the former music director of Victory Christian Fellowship. Check out Quest’s interview at:

Check out the back-stage photos of Quest and Rocksteddy at:

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