Pyro Meets Batista

Pyro is Mec‘s dear nephew which happens to be a fellow Blogkada. At long last, Pyro met Batista, a WWE wrestler known for his signature move dubbed as the Batista Bomb. The above footage is from GMA 7’s 24 Oras. Read more for Jojo and Mec’s message to everyone.

Mec and I extend our gratitude, prayers and thanks to all those that helped in one way or the other to making this wish come true. I do hope that all of us would get to relate to the love and kindness that transpired to making this dream a reality. How I wish I could put into words the hapiness that is reflected in the boy’s eyes after the meet and greet and after watching the wresting match live in Araneta.

We have asked so much already but forgive us if we ask for your continuous prayers for Pyro’s recovery. And if you can resend this email to those that you initially sent the original email, we would be very greatful. AGAIN THANK YOU!!!

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