Pupil’s Wildlife

Wildlife is the second album of Pupil and was released last 2007 under Sony BMG. I just uploaded the tracks from the album in my iPod last week. The album starts off with vocals from Diane Ventura with a music giving you a feel of the wildlife. In the second track, “Matador”, Ely Buendia duets with his wife Diane Ventura. The third track, “Monobloc”, is Pupil’s latest single. A music video of this track is also being aired on Myx and MTV.

The next track is “Here I go Again”. This track is slow yet it sounds heavy. In the track, “Talon”, Yan Yuzon takes over the vocals. Try listening closely to this track and you’ll see the difference between his brother Yael (Sponge Cola main man). Again, Ely takes a break on the next track, “Sumasabay” with Dok Sergio taking over.

Ely goes back to singing in the track “Animal Lover”. It’s an up-beat track with guitar riffs and drum beats that would make your head bang. In the next track “Teacher’s Pet”, I like the lyrics part:

here kitty kitty
you’re looking so pretty
but i ain’t got time to know
who’s coming tonight
i repeat, complete the equation…

The ninth track in the album, “Sala”, is their carrier single. It’s a reminder that there’s only one world we live in. The next track, “Disconnection Notice”, is my current LSS track for the week. It’s an up-beat track, hence, “Dis-co… nnection Notice”. 😀

The eleventh track, “Bato”, is a break from the up-beat and rockin’ tracks prior to it. I like the song’s musical arrangement which really sets the mood for a goodbye-song. The last track, “Set me Apart” is the current theme song of Animax. The best guitar riffs in this album is from this track.

My Favorite tracks in the album (listed down in no particular order)
1. Teacher’s Pet
2. Disconnection Notice
3. Monobloc
4. Talon
5. Sumasabay
6. Set Me Apart

What do you think Pupil’s next single will be?

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