Printer Olympics

Have you ever thought of this? What if there is such a thing as Printer Olympics? I guess there’ll be something like a Standing Long Jump. The contest mechanics is that you just have to print and the printer with the paper ejected to the farthest location, then that printer should be the champion. This is going to be fun I tell you. Turn on your printer and set it to print at the lowest quality possible. Remember, the faster the printer is running, the farther the destination of the paper will be. The best thing about it is that you do not need to be in an oval. You just need to be in a room with a computer and electricity of course. And you do not need to be under the heat of the sun while getting your printer ready. The next competition should be dubbed as the 100-paper dash. All the printers are loaded with 100 sheets of paper where each should print 100 copies of a page full of text. The first printer who finished with all 100 sheets of paper printed will be the winner of the said competition. The same thing should go for the 500-paper dash and the 1000-paper dash. But if they’ll be putting up a swimming competition for printers then they should make it waterproof. For now, it will be impossible unless you’ll rename the said competition as Drown Me First competition. They should divide it to flyweight, lightweight and heavyweight categories. Can you think of any other sport that can be associated with printers?

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