Price to Pay

Yesterday, me, my friend and her uncle that does not look like her uncle (because he is younger than us), we went to Providence Tower to have our videoke session and our alcohol intake as well. There are now two classifications of the videoke rooms namely, VIP room and the regular room. Here is the difference that I have noticed:

VIP Room
Each song costs 10 pesos and the other benefits that you can enjoy by paying 10 pesos are:
1. Bigger space for you to dance, split, or tumble.
2. A large ashtray as well (read: ashtray = big space! got it?)
3. You will be able to feel that you are a perfect artist. (read: high score)

Regular Room
Each song costs 5 pesos. The price is indeed low compared to the first one. But then, you just have to get through all of this:
1. Smaller space (read: marketing strategy so that if you are a group of ten, you’ll just stay at the VIP room.
2. Smaller ashtray (read: ideal for non-smoking people)
3. You will be able to feel that you are no-good at all and that you won’t even have the slightest chance of getting into the elimination round of the singing contests in TV and even at barrio fiestas. (read: low score)

Yes, and that is the cost you have to pay. And now, it’s time for you to choose. It’s either to pay the song at double the price and enjoy cool benefits or either to degrade yourself by paying 5 pesos per song.

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