Price Increase

Everything is increasing. There was a 5 peso increase on all Starbucks products. The rate for the first two kilometers for jeepneys is already PhP 5.50. The shuttle that I ride when I go to school now costs 40 pesos from its 35-peso rate. Ampalaya now costs 40 pesos per kilo. And now, the government is planning to get some taxes from text messaging. Prices everywhere are increasing. And the root of all these price hikes… drum roll please… it’s because of the oil price hike. Everything is rooted all in this fossil fuel. Oil prices are increasing because of what’s happening in the Middle East.
While everything is increasing, wages are still the same. Salaries do not increase just the way as oil prices increase. In fact, salaries increase in a slow pace while oil prices can increase at every tick of the clock.
Sigh.. I can still remember when the toll gate from Nichols to Bicutan was 1 peso and has suddenly increased to PhP 10.50 and then to 20 pesos. I could still remember when the special rate of tricycles here was 15 pesos and then increased suddenly to 20 pesos. I could still remember when the peso to dollar rate was 26 pesos to 35 pesos and then to 50 pesos. When would this end?

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