Postrio Cakes and Pastries

Cafe Mocha and Chocolate Decadence

Postrio is my new coffee shop discovery in Cebu City. It’s located just in front of the hotel where I was staying (Golden Prince Hotel). After having my dinner at the Ayala Center, I decided to hang out there for a while. Having coffee was only my plan but I felt that I have to taste the Chocolate Decadence cake as per recommendation of one of the staff there. 😀

When the Cafe Mocha was served, I immediately thought of how they came up with those layers. It was very intriguing. I guess science can do the explanation. One word. Density. 😀 The Chocolate Decadence cake is someone looking for a sugar rush. And because of the cake, I did not even put sugar into my coffee.

Before going back to the hotel to meet my boss just this evening, I grabbed another coffee and this time, I had a lemon bread. I got a Mocha Caramel Frap and it costs 80 bucks. Actually, I am not really a “frap kind of person”. I just wanted to have a cold drink because it was so hot.

So the next time you’ll be going to Cebu City and you are fond of coffee shops, try Postrio. 😀

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