Post-Halloween Special

We really do not sleep with the lights on, but when we were at our house at Siniloan, Laguna, we left the lights open. And I just do not understand why do they have to put the bedsheet at the bed that is nearest to the window than the bed at the middle. I would not want to sleep at the side of the window especially if it’s in the province. Because I would have some silly imaginations of ghosts and other paranormal stuff and thus, I won’t sleep that easily.

We slept at 10pm then I woke up at around 3am, then I slept again. The next time that I woke up, it was already 9am. Then, when we were having breakfast, my sister said that she was waking me up at around 3am because she heard some strange noises.

Hmmmm… what could the strange noises be?


Let me tell you some true-to-life unexplainable things that happened here at home. I remember that the guest house used to be a dark room with a tall mango tree just beside it. One time, when I was still in High School, our helper told us that she saw a very old man, with long hair and beard. His eyes were bright green, like that of a cat. Then, when my brother was having his undergraduate thesis, his thesismate saw the same man but at a different location, which is near my bedroom. My brother also saw the same old man at the same spot. Then, again, our helper saw the same old man at the same spot.

But then, my father said, “Matakot ka sa buhay, huwag sa patay.” But then at the back of my mind, I was thinking that what if those are the ones that would chase you and also turn you into a zombie?

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