Possible Part 2 of Eraserheads Reunion Concert?

Raymund Marasigan posted a message in the mailing list:

dear everybody

before anything. i just spoke to day cabuhat. and she informed me that
ely’s condition is now stable. and they’re very thankful for all your

thank you very much for coming t the show. we really felt the cheering
and the singing and the love you all gave.

thank you for understanding that the show had to be cut short.

ely was in no condition (emotionally, physically) to play but he did.
and he gave it his all which is more than we could ask from him. given
the circumstances he was in.

we all wish him well. we are all confident that he will recover soon.

i promise to give you another eraserheads show as soon as possible.

again thank you very much


Actually, I’m contented to see them on-stage together once more after a long time. 🙂 It was such a nostalgic moment listening to them and seeing them at the same time. When I learned about the remaining songs to be played, I know it’s going to be a blast. And I knew that bigger surprises will follow.

I just hope the best for Ely Buendia. I do hope that he’ll be 100% A-OK! 🙂

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