Poseidon: Another Sinking Ship Plot

Poseidon was trying hard to make a Titanic-like impact on the movie-goers. Unfortunately, it did not have such an impact on me. It’s like another sinking ship plot of a movie where survival of the fittest was shown in its full gory detail filled in with mini-plots. And if this film is one of those based from true to life story type of movies, I really felt sorry for those who celebrated their New Year in such gory manner. Read more for my full review.

The Story

The plot of the movie started all when the cruise ship Poseidon was hit by a wave. The captain of the ship tried to save the passengers. Unfortunately, they were not successful in doing so. The ship was then flipped about causing the bottom of the ship to be above the surface of the vast ocean. As expected, the do not panic warning was not followed. Instead, there was a stampede. Then, a group of people decided to go up and find their way out of death. At the start of their trauma-inducing adventure, one of them got killed already when he was smashed down by an elevator. Then, there were 5 of them left and they’ve found another four people by the disco. So they’ve found a couple, a drunkard and a problematic person. And so their adventure continued. Then, the drunkard died because he lost focus in crossing the steel frame because his bottle fell off and so he was smashed down into pieces. Then, their journey continued. The problematic person then died after getting herself bumped on the head while underwater. They’ve tried to rescue her but then, they were not successful. Then, the father of the girlfriend of the swimmer died of drowning when he was trying to stop one of the propellers running. Afterwards, they were able to get out of the ship. And how lucky they could get? There’s an inflatable raft just beside the ship. They were rescued by two choppers. Fin!

Comments and Violent Reactions

The movie Poseidon has a very predictable plot. And this was not even compensated by the actors and actresses of the film. I even find Connor (a little kid) a bit annoying in this film. A child who has seen so much horror would not dare go away from his mother. So, he’s the typical kid who explores even though he saw how people died. And he almost drowned to death for crying out loud. As for the ending of the film, I felt that it lack something. It was supposed to have impact to the audience. But it did not have the slightest impact on me. Okay, they were rescued by a couple of choppers. Then? So? If it was told in a different way, maybe I could appreciate the film. If it was injected with more mystery I would have enjoyed it. Nonetheless, I appreciate the special effects in this film.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

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