Pontius Pilate in Customer Service

I really do appreciate a good quality of customer service. However, there are times that you would certainly experience headaches in poor customer service and also in people who would actually act like Pontius Pilate washing his or her hands and would tell you that it’s not their fault and they are not going to do about it. Recently, I did a favor to claim the supposedly repaired camera (which is a Konica KD310Z and is repaired after 4.5 months) at Sony Service Center at Alabang. As the agent there called my attention, I gave her the claim stub. Then, after 5 minutes or so of waiting, I got hold of the camera with the replaced part. The lady then asked me if I have the battery with me and I told her that I do not have it with me. Thus, I was not able to test it if it’s really working in good condition or not since they also do not have the same battery with them. Anyways, I got the camera and then paid for the service charge. Then, I got a text message from her (let us just hide her identity and name her Annie) that they (Service Center) have the battery with them. I asked the agent for the claim stub so that I could check it and I found out that in the claim stub (as printed by the computer) it states w/o battery. However, it was corrected by the agent who entertained Annie by just slashing the letter o from w/o using a pen. The agent checked the computer database and told me that it says in the computer that there’s not even a single accessory there. It came to my attention that the agent who entertained Annie 4.5 months ago did not correct it in the database.

I told Annie about this and I learned from her that she checked where she kept all the accessories of the camera and it (the battery with model number DR-LB4) was not there and she was sure that she left it with them so that it could be tested. Since Annie would not be able to use her camera without a battery (it’s a Lithium ion battery by the way), I took the refund and gave the camera back. Last January, I posted an article at Litratista regarding the Konica Minolta withdrawal plan. Because of this, it will be very hard for Annie to look for a lithium ion battery. Also, Annie is one of the victims of the faulty CCD of Konica Minolta’s even if the said model is not stated in their notice. It was said in the notice that:

Konica Minolta will repair free of charge any of the models listed above that are affected by this malfunction. Customers with a malfunctioning camera should contact their regional Konica Minolta service facility.

And it was too bad that they did not include the KD310Z model where in fact it also exhibited the same CCD problem. The mere fact that it exhibited the same problem, the camera should be repaired for free.

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