Pinoy Blog Chrismas Party and Lastikman at Hard Rock

Last December 30, I went to the Pinoy Blog Christmas Party. First, we had our dinner at Cabalen which means gobble fest time since it’s a buffet. I remember the days when our family would eat at Cabalen. We would always order for the Crispy Kangkong as an appetizer. Since I haven’t eaten a Crispy Kangkong for decades, I grabbed some from the buffet table. When I ate some of it, it was not crispy anymore. The feeling was as if you’re eating a junk food that has been opened after 3 days.

After that, there was the exchange gift and I was not able to join it. Budget constraints for some reason. Hehe. Then, we decided to go to Starbucks Podium. Upon arriving there, we setup first an array of round tables and sat around it. After that, the table was rearranged into something that would remind you of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

After the Pinoy Blog Christmas Party, I went to meet up with my brother at Makati. It was the birthday of his classmate way back in elementary. And if you got to meet my brother and his friends, you’d surely be reminded of the show FRIENDS. Hehehe!

One comic scene would be:

My brother was situated near the escalator and the sister of his friend was located down the escalator. And they were talking to each other as if there were no other people but our group only.

Another comic scene would be:

We were outside Glorietta 3 deciding where to go. And Yannie would ask us for several times if we would already want to go home or not. She was in her un-normal kakulitan state. If in her normal state, her kakulitan was not that much, wait till you see her drunken kakulitan state. Hehe! Then, she was asking us if we would want to go to Temple Bar or to Starbucks. And me, having stayed at Greenbelt at that time, I should know better. Hehe. Afterwards, one of them called Rose (their friend),

“Rose, gagawin kitang daisy!!!”

Hahahahaha! That was certainly one of the funniest lines that night even before my brother said,

“Tignan mo, si Lastikman yung nasa stage di ba?”

And indeed, he looks like Lastikman. Haha. And I can just imagine him, stretching his arms across the bar. Hehehe!

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