Peryodiko’s Debut Album Recording

Robin Rivera is Peryodiko’s producer in their first album. He created a blog that contains some bits of information on updates. In Sir Robin’s first post, (around August 2008), he mentioned that they’ve began recording already and that no recording company has yet picked up the material.

How Peryodiko was Formed
Sir Robin relayed on the blog on how Peryodiko started. With that, I learned that the songs were actually written in mid-2006. Vin recorded the songs (guitar solo with vocals) and was able to have Sir Robin listened to it in late 2006. Sir Robin suggested Vin to get another guitar player. On the contrary, Raimund Marasigan suggested for him to form a band.

And so, Vin followed Raimund’s advice. Thus, Peryodiko was born. In the middle of 2007, they recorded three songs at Shinji’s studio. Out of the three songs recorded, two of them were played on air.

The Recording
The band is going to record the album live as stated on this post. This is really different from the way other bands would record their album since each instrument in a song has a separate track. According to the blog post of Sir Robin:

The only things that will be overdubbed later are the final vocals, and some solo guitar overdubs. We do several “takes” of each song, then select the best take(s) on which we will build the completed recording. After at least two “good” takes are achieved, I let the band hear all of them, then do some small “punch-ins” only if it is absolutely necessary. There is very little that separates the various takes, and some might not be able to tell if there is any difference at all. The evaluation of, and selection of which take to bring forward is a critical activity. And one of the fundamental skills needed to pull this off is listening.

I agree with Sir Robin in this post where Vin and Sir Robin agreed that the recording companies are stupid for ignoring Vin’s material. I have heard the songs in the band’s multiply account and the songs are really good.

In case you don’t know Robin Rivera was the one who helped the Eraserheads re-record and mix better versions of their songs in Pop-U and became their producer. Robin Rivera also produced the third album (Tala-arawan) of Sugarfree.

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