Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album

Peryodiko Album Art

Peryodiko held their album launch around 3 weeks ago at Eastwood Central Plaza. The first time I heard their song I heard “Sa Magkabilang Dulo” by Peryodiko, I knew that Peryodiko would rock the airwaves with their songs aside from the awesome line-up of Vin Dancel, Simon Tan, Kakoy Legaspi, and Abe Billano.

The album includes 11 tracks and costs 200 pesos each, a great deal for this wonderful album where all of the lyrics of the songs are written in Filipino. I haven’t seen bands would actually do an album that has songs that are all written in Filipino. In the business side of the recording industry, having the album to get international market (foreigners) would probably be hard since they would not understand the lyrics.

The Songs

The album opens with “Pikit”. It’s ironic that the eye-opener for this album is entitled “Pikit” (when taken literally). I then progresses to “Agawan Base” an up-beat song with a chorus that will make you sing with it even if it’s the first time you heard it. Kakoy did a great job with the lead guitar parts of this song. You’ll then mellow down with “Tayo”. In “Lihim” you’ll experience sadness even if the rhythm of the song does not suggest that it’s a sad song. “Huminga”, a more upbeat song that the former that I’d be definitely adding as a part of the soundtrack of my life. “Milenyo”, a name that has reminded me of the super typhoon “Milenyo”, is just amongst the songs in the album that has good play of words. “Piraso”, another upbeat song with a feel-good type of rhythm. “Paglaya” then starts off with a heavy guitar riff that will make you headbang. I vote this one as the next single after “Agawan Base”. You’ll then mellow down with “Kumapit ka tuwing Lunes” a song that will constantly remind you not to surrender because there’s hope. It then follows with “Bakasyon” another song that will make you sing with it as you listen. And for the last song “Walang Kapalit”, a very apt last song for the album. Just listen closely to the lyrics and you’ll find out why. 🙂

Overall, the songs are all noteworthy of your time and money. By the way, please do watch their gigs. 🙂 They’re really great musicians. 🙂

Album Packaging

The album packaging design itself is indeed suitable since it’s their self-titled album. It’s as if a newspaper that where in some of lyrics of the songs were written. Props to Paulina Ortega for the album art.and to Francis Abraham for the photography included in the album.

For those who can’t go to the gigs to buy their CD, you can buy their album at PinoyTunes. By the way, you have to register in order to buy the songs. Each song costs at $0.75. Make sure if your total order will reach 2 dollars (minimum amount for checkout).

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