Pedicab’s Tugish Takish

Tugish Takish is Pedicab’s debut album that was released in 2005 under Vicor Records. The title of the album is actually the sound of two consecutive drum beats imitated by the human vocal cords. The carrier single of this album is “Dizzy Boy”, the first track in the album. Their music, as Pedicab have put it, is Dunk Music which is equivalent to Dance + Punk.

Notable tracks from this album are (in no particular oder):
1. Ang Kailangan
2. Dito Tayo sa Dilim
3. Sagot Kita
4. Konti na Lang
5. I Want it Now
6. A Stormy Night

The “Hot” Track
“Dito Tayo sa Dilim” is the hottest track in this album. Listen closely to the track and you’ll know what I mean. 😀

The Dark and Serious lyrics Track
This title goes to the track “I Want it Now”. Some parts of the lyrics weren’t actually sung. Think of a poetry reading with a background music. 🙂

The no-dance Track
“A Stormy Night” is a track for easy listening with a bit of rap courtesy of Daddymaps.

I hope Pedicab will release another album. I’d be looking forward to a new set of songs from them. 🙂

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