Pedicab Album Launch at Cubao Expo

Pedicab at their album launch

I attended the Pedicab Album Launch at Cubao Expo with Sha. We arrived there early. My former org mate was also there (Nico). We chatted with him for a while. Then, Jay arrived. The gig started late as expected. The event was being covered by ABS-CBN.

Taken by Cars at Pedicab Album Launch
Sara Marco of Taken by Cars

Taken by Cars performed first. Anyway, Sara’s microphone cable got unplugged from the microphone itself and I was able to take a picture of her plugging it back. At the start of their set, Sara started singing some lines from Pedicab’s single “Ang Pusa Mo” from their album “Shinji ilabas mo na ang helicopter”.

Chilitees at Pedicab Album Launch

After Taken by Cars, Chilitees performed. It was my first time to watch them. I was impressed with their guitarist. They describe their sound as a fusion of alternative music and soul, hence, alterna-soul.

Pedicab at their album launch
Raimund Marasigan of Pedicab

After their set, the band that we have been waiting for performed. All of them wore a white long-sleeved polo with a white rubber shoes. On each of their polo shirts, the words from the album “Shinji Ilabas mo na ang helicopter” was spelled out. Raimund Marasigan used three keyboards on their set. He has also setup some effects to be used for voice so that it would be distorted to a robot-like sound while he’s saying “Shinji, ilabas mo na ang helicopter”. πŸ˜€

Pedicab performed some songs from the first album and some songs from their latest album. They also performed a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song. After their last song, I took the set list attached to the speaker in front of me and took it and gave it to Sha. πŸ˜€

Tado at the Pedicab album launch

Anyway, In between the sets, there were contests and Sha won πŸ˜€ . She got a goody bag with an umbrella, a face powder from Cover Girl and a stuff from Olay (I forgot what it’s called). In addition, Tado arrived at the album launch of Pedicab. Some people from the audience had their picture taken with him. πŸ˜€

I enjoyed the night even it was really hot. πŸ™‚

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