Paskuhang Pupil: A Pupil Listers Christmas Party

Paskuhang Pupil 6

Last week, me and Sha went to the Christmas Party of the Pupil Mailing List. Arriving there early is a good move for us since we were able to get good seats at Club Dredd. The night started off with contests where they gave away stuff from Puma, Levi’s and Ray Ban. Sha won a Puma bag after I urged her to answer the question.

Paskuhang Pupil 26

After the series of contests, slices of cakes from Team Pupil were passed around. Thanks to Team Pupil for the cake 😀

Paskuhang Pupil 40

Yay! I’ve watched another long set from Pupil. In regular gigs, we’d usually hear three to five songs for each band. It was during this night that I hear them perform “Higante” live for the first time. Sha was able to record a video of it. You might want to check it out on her blog.

Paskuhang Pupil 19

Ely wore his hat the whole time during the gig. It was pretty hard to take photos of Ely during the gig with his hat on. Anyway, I think he should start an account on LookBook.

Paskuhang Pupil 13

Check out more photos here.

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