Paramita’s Tala

At last, I already have a copy of Paramita’s album. Thanks to Tin for buying me one, I was just that lazy to go record-bar-hopping since I’ve heard from the mailing list that the album is not available at some record bars. As you can see, their album Tala deviates from the usual CD packaging which is the plastic case and the CD sleeve. The album design and layout was made by Bernie Bru who also makes the nifty Deadpan Society posters. All songs in the album are written by Ria Bautista (drummer and vocalist of Paramita). Another surprise from Paramita’s album are the guest performers which includes Charms of Matilda (did additional back-ups), Jett Ramirez of Silent Sanctuary (string arrangements on tracks 7 and 10), Marc de Leon (additional guitars on tracks 1, 3, 4 and 5) and Silverfilter (remixed track 12). Zach Lucero of Imago mastered all the songs except for track 12 at Tweak Mastering Studio.

The Review
Be prepared to be blasted away by the song Takipsilim (track 1) with its powerful intro and vocals, captivating bass lines, and a drop-dead-gorgeous lead guitar parts done by Marco de Leon. Takipsilim should indeed be the first song as it will make you think how is the next track like. Also, Takipsilim is Paramita’s first ever released single and is currently part of NU107’s playlist. Track 2 is Carousel (I Miss You). It has a fast beat but this does not mean that this is a happy song. This song is about someone who’s missing a long lost friend since some lines depict that a certain person reminisces the their happy moments. Carousel could be symbolized as one’s happy moments. It could also refer to the memories that goes round in round your head. Indefinite Transition of Perceived Realities is track 3 and according to Yey, it sounds like Incubus because of the guitar parts that will continue to linger on your mind once you listened to it. Panaginip Lang is a sad love song with drum beats that will remind you of Imago’s Zach Lucero. A Dreamer’s Lullabye is one of my favorite songs in the album. The album version of the song is conceptualized to be dreamy. Thus, expect for a dreamy ambiance everytime the song is played. There is also an acoustic version of this song (track 9) where Ria Bautista played the guitar. The album version of the song Stillness (the second song that Ria composed) is very catchy because of the presence of the string section. Imagine, violins, violas and cellos blending in perfect harmony ( string parts courtesy of Jett Ramirez, Minnie Africa, Ivan Saraza, Rey Casey Concepcion, Paolo Hector Luz, Gian Gonzales and Mike Buenaventura). Everyone’s silence should be requested so that you could fully concentrate on listening on the strings-only section of the song. Hiling, Tala, and Porcelain/Sunrise are the songs that I haven’t heard live from their gigs. Amongst the three, Hiling is my favorite. Waiting for a Sign is a song about life in general where it says that everything is temporary.

Album Packaging and Art: 4 out of 5
Songs: 4 out of 5

Paramita Management
Vicor Music – Kill Francisco

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