Paramita’s self-titled Sophomore Album Launch at Saguijo


It was great to see Ria Bautista, Alsey Cortez and Marco de Leon, all from Paramita, perform again since the last time that I saw them was 2007 in one of their mag:net Bonifacio High Street gigs. The album launch is the second leg of the two-part series where the first one was held in Route 196 which Rain Contreras covered.

I may have missed the other bands that performed in Route 196 such as Urbandub, Nyctinasty and Radioactive Sago Project. But seeing Norman Dellosa (former guitarist of Paramita and former vocalist and guitarist of Silent Sanctuary) perform with Ria and Alsey is like traveling back to the past. This is what they’ve missed. 😀 I’ve been friends with Ria and Norman even before Day One of Paramita and actually helped them in the band’s debut gig.

Normz Jamming with Paramita
Normz jamming with Paramita

The bands who were in the line-up of the second leg of their album launch is Reklamo, Up Dharma Down and Giniling Festival. Paramita’s 2nd album was released under Terno Recordings while the first one was with Vicor Records.

The album contains ten tracks which features their single “Lisan” (first single from their album) and their newest single “Sa Piling Nya”.

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