Ely Buendia’s Greatest Hits

Ely Buendia Greatest Hits - 19

Last August 3, 2012, Ely Buendia had a concert at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati. It’s a benefit concert for the building of A. Mabini Youth Center. Hard Rock Cafe was packed with people and I’m happy to be there because I was not only able to see Ely Buendia perform one of my favorite songs but because of my small contribution to the A. Mabini Youth Center.

Ely Buendia Greatest Hits - 6

Ely Buendia performed songs from The Eraserheads, from his solo album “Wanted Bedspacer”, and some songs from “In Love and War” (Ely Buendia’s collaboration with the late Francis Magalona).

One of my favorite songs that were performed is “Tikman” (from the Bananatype EP). “Tikman” was also once used as a commercial jingle for Burger Machine.

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Ely Buendia Greatest Hits - 16

After Ely Buendia’s Greatest Hits Concert, the Ely Buendia Live show was held last August 17 at the Activity Center of Glorietta in Makati. Tomorrow, Ely Buendia will have another show at the Activity Center of TriNoMa at 7pm (August 24). Will there be a next Ely Buendia show? Perhaps in Cebu or Davao? 🙂

Silent Sanctuary’s Paalam: Coming Soon!

I received a message from Chino David, Silent Sanctuary’s violinist that they will be releasing a new single soon! I just played the pre-release copy of the single entitled “Paalam”. 🙂

“Paalam” is a song on saying on goodbye to a relationship. The lyrics are simple and straightforward with a very clear message that strikes you especially if you’re mending a broken heart. The message of the song also suggests some resentment of someone who possibly have done something wrong on why they had to say goodbye to their relationship.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics of “Paalam”

Paalam na sa mga yakap at halik
sa tamis at pait
Bakit hinayaan
Sinayang ko lang ang iyong wagas na pag-ibig

“Paalam” will hit the airwaves soon. Music and lyrics by Sarkie Sarangay. 🙂

Finally, Death Cab for Cutie!

Death Cab for Cutie Live in Manila - 24
Audience shows some love for Death Cab for Cutie

I’m actually way behind in posting this. 😀

I have missed a lot of bands in my foreign acts to see bucket list but I would definitely not miss seeing Death Cab for Cutie live. I was not able get the best spot however, thanks to my trusty point-and-shoot super zoom camera! I was able to record some videos and took some photos during the concert. Continue reading “Finally, Death Cab for Cutie!”

Rocked Philippines’ Gig for Warm Iligan and H2O for CDO

Dong Abay at Undies Gig - 2
Dong Abay

It’s always a pleasure for me to go to gigs organized by Rocked Philippines because we’re not only there for the music, we’re also there to support a cause. It was held at Route 196 (along Katipunan Ave). The highlight for me that night was when Dong Abay performed. Continue reading “Rocked Philippines’ Gig for Warm Iligan and H2O for CDO”

Rico Blanco and Amber Davis Mashup

Rico Blanco and Amber Davis at Coke Music Studio - 5

Rico Blanco and Amber Davis are both solo artists but, their music belongs to two different genres which can result into an interesting mash-up. The songs that Rico Blanco and Amber Davis mashed up were “Neon Lights” (by Rico Blanco) and “Manila” (by Amber Davis).

I think that Amber Davis is very lucky to work with Rico Blanco since Rico Blanco has a lot of experience and is one of the country‚Äôs top composers/songwriters. Continue reading “Rico Blanco and Amber Davis Mashup”

Mobbstarr and Somedaydream at Coke Music Studio

Mobbstarr and Someday Dream Coke Music Studio - 10

It’s the first time I’ve heard of Somedaydream while Mobbstarr has been around in the music scene for a long time. Have you heard the song “Itsumo”? Yes, they are the hip-hop group behind that song.

Somedaydream and Mobbstarr will be mashing up the songs ‚ÄúDelivery Boys‚Äù (by Somedaydream) and ‚ÄúEargasmic‚Äù (by Mobbstarr). Having heard both of the songs in YouTube, I think that they won‚Äôt have much a hard time doing the mash-up. The song ‚ÄúEargasmic‚Äù is like a combination of hip-hop, electronica, R&B while the song ‚ÄúDelivery Boys‚Äù is electro-pop. However, the tempo of the both songs are way different, so I guess that part could be challenging for the both of them. Continue reading “Mobbstarr and Somedaydream at Coke Music Studio”

A Week in Metro Manila: Up Dharma Down

A Week in Metro Manila: Up Dharma Down is a documentary by Tony Rago. Finally, the documentary film by Rago will be first shown in Manila at November 12 at Capones, A. Venue. Aside from the film screening, Up Dharma Down will also perform and as well as The Charmes. 😀 The event shall start at 9pm. Entrance fee is 200 pesos. Continue reading “A Week in Metro Manila: Up Dharma Down”

Rocksteddy and Quest Mash Up review

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 1

During the rehearsals in preparation of the mash-up performance of Rocksteddy and Quest, they do not look pressured. This is probably because that Quest and Teddy (of Rocksteddy) know each other.

I like their creative process in coming up with the mash-up. Rocksteddy listened to ‚ÄúBack to Love‚Äù first. The chords of the song was patterned from Quest‚Äôs song since the key of ‚ÄúBack to Love‚Äù and ‚ÄúGising Na‚Äù does not differ much. Check out the interviews of Quest and Rocksteddy: Continue reading “Rocksteddy and Quest Mash Up review”

Quest and Rocksteddy at Coke Music Studio Season 2

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 3

Last time, Champ and Kitchie Nadal was featured at Coke Music Studio Season 2 where the songs ‚ÄúBulong‚Äù and ‚ÄúHanging Habagat‚Äù were mashed up together. They are both solo artists and they most likely have the same set of listeners. This time, Coke Music Studio is featuring Quest and Rocksteddy. Continue reading “Quest and Rocksteddy at Coke Music Studio Season 2”