Operation Birthday Surprise

It has been a tradition to decorate the workstation of a teammate when it’s his or her birthday. Yesterday was my turn. As soon as I approached the room, I can already see the big Happy Birthday banner spanning over two desks. Yes, that’s how big it is. Around the birthday banner are balloons that are taped to the ceiling. Tie to each balloon is a ribbon where polaroid films were taped on.

The polaroid films contain birthday messages written by my teammates. In each polaroid film, Cez took a picture of all of us. In each picture, a different teammate posed beside me. The photo session was done last week. She brought her Instax while my other teammates brought extra polaroid films. I thought it was just an ordinary day and that she would like to test her new Instax. I didn’t have any idea or clue that it was done for me.

After a few hours, I went upstairs to get something. Then, I dropped by over Tina and Nina’s area to thank them for the video message that they have prepared for me. Thank you to Cez for putting it all together. πŸ™‚ So it was a day full of surprises. Tina and Nina then came down to our office with a cake singing Happy Birthday. I didn’t know that they were up to something.

Another surprise is from RJ. He visited our office and brought me cake as well. Then came lunch. I had lunch with Cez at Rossini in S’Maison. Then, we went back to the office. On the desk beside mine were balloons arranged for me and a cake from Purple Oven. She ordered the balloons while Graize and Allyson picked up the balloons during lunch break. As for the cake, Cez asked Graize to buy the cake from Purple Oven last weekend.

Thank you to my bestfriend, Cez, for all the surprises. πŸ™‚ I love the backstory of each surprise and how it was all put together. Definitely the best surprise πŸ™‚ Loveyah!

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