Open Up My Eager Eyes

Thanks to Mec for the Mr. Brightside MP3. In Rock Star: INXS, Marty Casey sang this song. I was listening to it earlier and it’s one of those good Last Song Syndromes that I’ve had. Good LSS’s are a rare experience for me. And such rare experiences would bring me to Google to search for the chords and lyrics of Mr. Brightside. Luckily, I found one from Ultimate Guitar. I was not able to test these set of chords because I could not find my capo. However, I tried my best to use my pointing finger as a capo to check if it sounds alike Mr. Brightside. By the way, a certain part of this song reminds me of a certain Dashboard Confessional song (not the sound but more on the message of the song). Read more for the lyrics and chords.

MR. BRIGHTSIDE                        
by the Killers

( CAPO 1st Fret )

C   C/B   F ( x 2 )

C	         C/B
Coming out of my cage  
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all 

C		      C/B
It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss

Now I'm falling asleep
And she's calling a cab
While he's having a smoke
And she's taking the drag 
Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my head
But she's touching his chest now 
He takes off her dress now
Let me go
And I just can't look
It's killing me
And taking control 

F	         Am
Turning saints into the sea
G		      C
Turning (swimming) through sick lullaby
F	        Am
Joking on your alibi
G	           C
But it's just the price I pay
F	   Am
Destiny is calling me
G	    C	          F
Open up my eager eyes
Am        G	   
I'm Mr. Brightside 

C   F  Am   G  ( x 4 )

( Repeat from start )

I never
   C  F  Am  G ( repeat )

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