Online Quiz Management System

A few months back, I developed an online quiz management system using PHP and MySQL where there is a Student Control Panel and an Administration Panel for the teachers. There’s also a provision for the IT to add a teacher and for the teachers to approve or disapprove the pre-registered students. This system gives a teacher also an option to choose what quiz to make (if it’s an identification type of quiz or a multiple choice type of quiz), post an announcement where the students under him or her will be notified via e-mail. The students will be able to view the announcements once they have successfully logged in. The students could also send comments and suggestions to their teacher through their control panel and the teacher will receive it via e-mail. The quiz management system also provides a summary reporting of the performance of the students where the students will be able to track their performance and the teachers will also be able to track the performance of his or her students. Aside from that, the teachers could upload supplementary content for his or her students.

I’ve seen some e-learning systems and I felt that some lacks interactivity and as well as the ability to track it’s effectivity. However, I still believe that it’s still based on the student’s personality if he or she is determined or not which is an uncontrollable factor. And so, I sound geeky again.

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