On The Edge of the Cliff

We are all mountain climbers, taking a climb up and battling each obstacle, be it a predator, or a large gap hindering us to the next level. And such obstacles lead you to hanging on the edge of a cliff.
The question is whether to hang on to the cliff even if you possibly be out of balance and fall down deep, or to let go of holding it and fall down just the same. And with that fall, you know that it’s already the end. In either way, it is painful, even more painful than falling on the bed of rocks. It is beyond physical pain, and beyond whatever kind of pain one could imagine. The sound made by falling is a like a silent scream that would want to echo but cannot.
We have eyes, but can we see it? At some point we are blind mountain climbers, afraid of what might come our way. We are afraid of looking down the ground when we are already nearing the peak.
But then, sometimes we have to let ourselves fall down so that we would know how to get up and climb again the mountain. Also, to let ourselves bleed in order to appreciate life… life at it’s finest, or even at it’s worst.
I was hanging on the edge and I took a deep fall. Now, I’m climbing it up again. And I will still climb it even if I will fall down so many times.

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