Oktoberfest Aftershock

I went to the Oktoberfest Kick-off party with my friends from Grabeh.Com. The ticket prices when we arrived there are 120 pesos each. Each ticket comes with two 250mL of San Miguel Draft Beer. At first we had a hard time buying the tickets and then suddenly, there was a stranger who offered his ticket and I got in for free. My friend bought another four tickets and he got another ticket from a stranger for free also.

Afterwards, we got in and we claimed our beer. After some time, it drizzled, then it stopped. After that, some of our friends went home and then only three of us were left at the venue. Then we drank some more beer and eventually, it rained. We decided to find some place where we could eat. At first, we thought of Wendy’s but the taxi driver suggested McDonalds at Saint Francis Square. After that, we went home.

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