Off to Cebu

Will be off to Cebu tomorrow morning and it will be my first time to go there. Guess what? I’ll be taking the first flight and I have to be at the airport by 4am. And I am still awake. This is so cool. *stinger sound effects* Not really. I do not want to look like a person that has been deprived of slept for one whole week. And yes it’s partly my fault since I should have packed my things the other day. It was just that I’m such a crammer when it comes to packing things for a trip which is true almost all of the time for short trips (2 or 3-day trip). I’m hoping to have time for buying some pasalubong there since I’ll be back by Saturday morning and my stay there is fully loaded. Once I get back I’ll be posting some pictures of my Cebu trip.

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