Off to Bora

I’ll definitely miss the blogging world as I depart from Manila to Boracay this Friday! Hehe! And that out-of-town vacation is just what I need before going to work again. This sounds exciting! And yes, this is the off-peak season so, the expenses for lodging are low than that of the last time we went there. I’ll be going there with Mom, Tita Raquel and Cha. Tita Raquel is my Mom’s bestfriend and her work in the USA will prohibit her to leave the country for the next three years. Cha is our family friend who happens to be the niece of Tita Raquel. My Mom and Tita Raquel are former co-workers who did documentations of the first People Power rally. My Mom was a photographer then and she used Black and White film for her photos and developed it as well. I’ll be back with lots of pictures! Hehe!

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