Of Magnets, Places and Wake-Me-Up Notes

Whenever my Dad travels, he would buy magnets and then when he comes back, he’ll put it on the refrigerator. It’s as if some where-I-have-been type of symbol. Actually, the magnets on the picture are not the only ones on our fridge. There are a lot of them. And the only time that the magnets would deem useful to me (aside from reminding me that we’ve been here and there) is when I put notes on the fridge telling them to wake me up at this time. I would usually have problems in waking up with the alarm clock on my phone because I ignore it unconsciously. I was able to go to all of these places with my Dad way back in High School and I could still recall that we only stayed in Alaska because the plane had a stopover there. In short, we were just stuck in the airport waiting for the time that we need to come back inside the plane. By the way, the magnets are soon turning 10 years old already.

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