Of Costumes and Christmas decors

Halloween parties are celebrated as early as last week. Last Saturday, I saw some people in their costumes. Some looked like cowboys. Some dressed up as superheroes such as Robin and Superman. Also, someone even dressed up like Neo of The Matrix. Also, just this afternoon, my nephews were playing with the mask that looked like a Mulawin. They were scaring each other.

Also, since it is a BER month and October is finally approaching to its end, Christmas spirit is already felt. Last night, I saw a Christmas tree already setup at New York Cafe at Malate. I even saw Christmas lights on our way there. Christmas songs were already played at SM Malls as early as September which is the first ber month.

It’s a good thing that nobody has started the usual house-to-house Christmas carols because it would be way too early for them to start. I guess they could start after November 1 and 2.

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