Observations in Taxi Rides

The first time that I went to Cebu, it seemed to me that the meter runs slower there than here in Manila. I find it a bit odd since it should be the same. Also, in Manila if you give almost the exact amount the driver would be dissatisfied since he expects at least an additional 20 bucks of what’s indicated in the meter. In Cebu, it was different. Drivers would try their very best to give you the exact change. However, there are also some cab drivers in Cebu that would ask a price that you would think that it’s too much which happens to me most of the time here in Manila. Of course, I won’t agree to that. There are also a lot of taxi drivers here in Manila that would not want to accept you as their passenger because they would say that it is traffic in your area of destination or they won’t get passengers there. I know that they are trying their best to make a living but that is not the way to do it because it is unfair and unjust. It is the perfect example of what a “manggugulang” does aside from cellphone snatchers that sell the mobile phones afterwards. Well, I don’t wonder that much that these kind of things happen. I guess you already understand what I mean. ‘Nuff said.

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